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  • Service department management application.
  • Inventory control with picture management and VIN decoding, buy here-pay here, form printing, QuickBooks and credit reporting interfaces, export to major classified
  • Designed to drive an automated film cutter used by professional tint film installers. Includes overview and add-on products.
  • This is an Access application that is shop-focused on efficient parts and inventory control that also provides invoicing, statements, client and vehicle history,
  • Suppliers of strategic or daily vehicle scheduling software, and supply chain planning software.
  • Provides repair, estimating, maintenance, and diagnostic information and software to the automotive repair industry.
  • Provides diagramming and statement taking software for auto accidents. Includes product list, and downloadable demos.
  • Dealership software for displaying inventory on the Internet.
  • Leasemore offers a windows based new and used car leasing program as well as a used car inventory program.
  • Occupant safety solutions for engineering and production testing of automotive safety devices. Includes company overview and product information
  • Auto rental system software, with internet reservation and confirmation capability.Valet parking system management software. Designed to run on DOS, UNIX and Windows 95.
  • Specializing in automotive repair shop management software.
  • Point of sale system developed for automotive industry.
  • The company develops and provides custom software for new and used automobile dealerships.
  • Produces diagnostic software for repairing BMW, Mercedes and Volkswagen/Audi vehicles. Software and adapter cables for Windows computers.
  • Automotive engineering software for high performance or race cars. Covers high performance engines, chassis and suspension setup for road racing oval track and drag
  • Specializes in providing interactive end-to-end e-commerce solutions for automobile dealers.
  • Internet browser based tools for managing and displaying inventory information.
  • Car maintenance, repair and expense tracking software for Windows and Palm.
  • Auto shop and salvage yard inventory, point of sale and yard management software. Includes prices and contacts.
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