Agrochemicals, Switzerland

Agrochemicals Switzerland Companies Worldwide
  • Natural pesticides and fungicides including soaps, oils and nutrient products.
  • A US manufacturer of agro-chemicals.
  • They specialize in mining and products processing for the agriculture, pharmaceutical and food industries.
  • Manufactures crop protection products, industrial and fine chemicals.
  • Earth Chem product lines (SOILPAM and EarthBound) are used to control erosion, increase water infiltration, and enhance water retention.
  • This page lists agricultural chemical agents importers of Cyprus with their P.O.Box, Telephone, TeleFax Numbers and corresponding Links.
  • Recycled fat residues from refined oil seeds, converts them to animal food and transform it into raw chemical materials, like squalene and squalane.
  • Manufacturers a variety of food and baking items, additives, and sweeteners.
  • Used in seeding, sprigging, and sodding turf grass. It is a product of Agri-Gro Marketing, Inc.
  • Producers of animal feeding supplements, organic and chemical fertilizers, sulphur, canned fish and vegetables.
  • Offers organic root stimulants.
  • Manufacturer of a wide range of pyrethroid and organophosphorus insecticides.
  • Eco-friendly pesticides and fertilizers in agriculture and gardens.
  • Supplies herbicides, fungicides and insecticides, widely used on the following crops: wheat, barley, sugar beet, potatoes, oilseeds, pulses, vegetables and grassland.
  • Contract blending and packing of liquids powders and granules for the agrochemical and horticultural industries.
  • Manufactures plant growth regulators, organic fertilizers, plant and turf nutrients, and odor control products.
  • Italian multinational company operating in the fine chemicals field and specialized in the production of chemical intermediates and agriculture plant protection
  • Offers wholesale and retail agriculture products.
  • Manufacturer of Yellow Jacket brand sulfur.
  • Manufacturer of cleaning and hygiene chemicals for the janitorial and livestock protection industries.
  • subsidiary of The Dow Chemical Company (NYSE: Dow), announced an expansion and relocation of the companys...-tier agricultural company providing innovative