Coatings and Adhesives, Switzerland

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  • Licensed to apply a wide range of liquid and powder coatings including teflon, silverstone, xylan, pfa, fep, ceramics, epoxy and nylon. Custom formulate powder and
  • Distributor of industrial and automotive paints, coatings and related accessories to the U.S automotive paint refinishing market.
  • Offers a full range of electroplate coatings for plastic and metal. The company also manufacture heated towel rails for domestic and commercial applications.
  • Industrial paints and coatings manufacturing company, specializing in vacuum metallizing, interior and exterior automotive, decorative and protective paint finishing
  • Development, manufacturing, distribution and application of polyurethane resistant coating systems for abrasion, corrosion and noise control. Solvent based and 100%
  • Supply fluid applied ceramic insulation coatings which provide the equivalent of R20 insulation against heat gain. Used in construction, engineering, maintenance,
  • Produce ultra-pure negative and positive resists, planarizing and spin-on glass coatings, and other customer-specific specialty coatings.
  • Engineers and applies industrial coatings and high performance engine coatings to improve performance and durability of equipment.
  • Producer of high temperature coatings for use on ceramics, metals or graphite substrates as well as boron nitride powders for use as functional fillers.
  • Provide specialized coatings for controlling thermal energy transfer.
  • Supply titanium nitride thin film coatings .
  • Design and manufacture polyurethane coatings, prepolymers, and adhesives for varied applications. Product line includes waterborne, solvent based, polyether, polyester,
  • Manufacture a powder coating system engineered to provide coatings for the architectural industry. Includes technical manuals and product data sheets in pdf format.
  • Offer a complete line of production ready, urethane topcoats, e-coat and epoxy primers for use in the automotive, industrial, and recreational market places.
  • Manufacture a polymer coating that transforms substrates into a conductive, electroplatable, and solderable surface. Includes technical data and application techniques.
  • Supplies formulated coatings such as conductive, non conductive, high resistance, UV lacquer, graphite, and waterproof.
  • Manufacture industrial acrylic and expoxy polyurethane coatings.
  • Information, specifications, research and applications relating to conformal coating for the aerospace, military, commercial electronics and medical industries.
  • Producer of hydrophobic, oleophobic coatings and adhesives based on fluoropolymers.
  • Manufacture epoxies and epoxy coatings for marine and industrial applications. Product and general technical specifications and application guides .
  • + Guns Bars ESD Conductive Laquers ESD Floor Coating ESD Conductive Laquers ESD-Spray Engineering...pigment and are resistant to abrasion, chemicals