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  • Sugar based macromers and polymers. Bio-based technology with polymeric molecules and chemical processing for laboratory networking industry.
  • Specializes in custom made polysaccharide polymers for gelling agents and crosslinking agents in various food, mining and other industrial applications.
  • Specializes in mold and die steels, and porous aluminum thermoforming mold materials.
  • Global corporation serving the chemicals and plastics industries. Products include flame-retardant concentrates and compounds and anti-static concentrates.
  • Manufactures polymer products which include aquazol polyethyloxazoline, macromonomers and custom synthesis capabilities.
  • Japan. Chemicals manufacturing company, specialised in fine chemicals, polymers and oxidation catalysts. Superabsorbant polymers for hygiene disposables applications.
  • Manufacturer of expandable polystyrene (EPS) and benzoyl peroxide (BPO).
  • Manufacturer of organic peroxides, metal alkyls, Ziegler-Natta and other polymerization catalysts.
  • Manufacturer of polymers and fine chemicals, including additives and intermediates used in agricultural and cleaning products, drilling compounds, pharmaceuticals such
  • Manufacture thermoplastic molding compounds reinforced with long fibers - glass, carbon and aramid. Subsidiary of Celanese. Mainly for injection and compression molding.
  • Germany. Manufacturers of specialty polymers for engineering and high-performance applications.
  • Custom production of complex parts per reaction injection modular molding process.
  • systems. Nature provides complex chemical forms of polymers that are manipulated through both...in HIT E51 Oct 17, 2012: MRC Colloquium by Prof.
  • -stabilized Foams and Emulsions Dental Restoration Ceramic Micro Components Soft Polymer Cushions Numerical...varying between 45 and 92 vol% [4,5]. Particles of
  • mineral raw materials/inorganic base chemicals Current situation: The area of inorganic materials and...mineral raw materials/inorganic base chemicals
  • techniques for the evaluation of the efficacy of new chemicals as inhibiting agents in the conservation and...December 2007. During my PhD in Chemical
  • . Alonso Mora, A. Husar, M. Serra, J. Riera, "Numerical model for polymer electrolyte membrane fuel cells...with experimental application and validation", in
  • : Polymerization of Zintl Anions in the Solid and Bond Stretching Isomerism. Angew. Chem. 1998 , 110, 3451...3 -m 3 S-(mS 2 ) 3 ] 4+ complexes. Quantum
  • quality optical monomers for more than 30 years. The company started with Great Lakes Chemical Corporation...blended with RAV7AT for high power plus lenses. The
  • means e.g. deformable and stretchable polymers. Unfortunately the resistivity of plastic foils against...high temperatures and chemicals is limited;