Cyberfish is specialized in solutions in the field of audio and visual communication. Innovation, expertise and implementation skills are key factors of our professional design. Our focus and priorities lie in selected industries and market regions. These are the VIP Private Jet / airline industry and the Healthcare sector - Switzerland and worldwide. Cyberfish belongs to the exclusive circle of companies which equip aircrafts with the latest communications technology. Phoning, Faxing, hold a Videoconference, sharing content on the PC or watching TV in high-definition quality in your Private Jet – all that with a similar quality as in your familiar environment. -> Cyberfish understands the needs of Senior Executives and VIP clients.Cybermedical is the first interdisciplinary medical visualization, which has been developed by users for users.Together with specialists from the most diverse specialist areas of healthcare service, a practical solution has been developed, which is flexible applicable and simply to use.The clear, transparent cost structure makes it easy for doctors, companies and suppliers to charge for Cybermedical on the basis of technical and legal tariffs.Cyberfish implements solutions for complex multimedia applications. We attach importance to innovative visualization systems. Through our independent advice we are able to provide the customer the best price- performance ratio for the desired solution
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