The main focus of edco is to be a supplier in the professional road, triathlon, track, cyclecross and mtb racing scene.The swiss bicycle component maker edco is part of edco engineering bv. All hub components are produced in Switzerland and assembled in The Netherlands. The edco headquarters are located in s-Hertogenbosch, The Netherlands, sales, markething, productdesign, wheelproduction and logistics are all under one roof. All spoked wheels are hand built in our assembly deparment in s-Hertogenbosch.edco is one of the few wheelbuilders who develops and produces their own hubs.The engineering department is now working closely together with TotalSupport and Innoteq. Both participations of the owner Rob van Hoek. The track hub "SuperT" is one of the first results to be developed using a 3D CAD system and analysing programs.edco wherever the road takes you
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