enValue AG is a technology and consulting services firm whose name signifies that our offering is designed to protect, grow and optimize the en-terprise Value of our clients. We achieve this by enabling senior executives and business/financial planners to increase the value of their Enterprise through the sophistication of our Enterprise Value Planning™ (EVP™) software suite.Developed over many years within the crucible of the banking industry renowned for its massive amount of data, the complexity of its finance and the subtlety of its balance sheet mechanism, we succeeded where some of the biggest software companies have failed through Building of an enterprise-wide business/financial simulator which enables managers at all levels, from the base to the top executives, to plan and manage in-meeting real-time™: the value protection, value creation and risks/value optimization of an enterprise.Empowered with such business-critical capabilities, users of EVP™ can deal with typical business issues such as strategic optimization, balance-sheet optimization, leverage/risk optimization, Competitive manoeuvring issues, Adaptation issues like ‘changing rules of play’ in a traditional business-arena, Capacity Planning, Complex issues generated by multiple ‘plausible future scenarios’, Dynamic Goal Setting issues like rolling forecasts and zero-based budgeting, Tradeoffs between Risk & Reward, Assets & Liabilities, Profit-based issues, Cost-based issues, Valuation-based issues.
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