Foundations for Learning is dedicated to helping children, teenagers and young adults to reach their full academic potential.Based in Zurich, Switzerland, we offer: academic support for the important educational building blocks (reading and writing, maths and languages); tutoring for IB, IGCSE and A Level exams; learning support for dyslexia, autism spectrum disorders, ADD/ADHD and other learning difficulties; psychological support; a talented and gifted programme and specialist teacher training.We work primarily in the English language (except when teaching other languages) and many of our clients are expatriate families from all over the world whose children are attending an international school in the area.We have strong links with the international schools in Zurich and further afield in other parts of Switzerland, Europe and beyond.An important part of our work is examining learning profiles by means of research-based academic and psychological assessments. This is the starting point for helping students, their parents and their teachers to understand how to tailor the child’s education and environment, ensuring the academic success and happiness that they are capable of achieving.
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