ISSEA Research Institute is located in the Polytechnic University of Lugano. It is a member of EMUNI (Euro-Mediterranean University Network) – which involves 200 universities in 40 countries in the Mediterranean area.ISSEA Research was born with the aim of promoting, certifying and validating a no profit scientific research, teaching methods and professional development. The strengthen of the Corporate University concept, the tools, analysis and solutions for problem solving scientific techniques , the international cooperation in regards of the different subjects and how to apply them in Economic Science & Finance, Psychology & Sociology, Marketing & Communications, Political Science, Art, Sports & Events have also always been part of the ISSEA purpose of research. To reach this goals ISSEA has completely changed the traditional concept of research marketing, as well as promoting internal research and spin-offs. This has been done to demonstrate that real innovation has a dual direction: from Universities to Business and vice-versa. To this belief ISSEA Research represents itself as a research institute which supports external projects – both related to business and private, certifies them to protect intellectual property and finds a business application. I
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