P&TS is a firm specialized in intellectual property and the protection of inventions. We offer a complete range of services in connection with filing, defending and securing intellectual property titles.Located in Neuchâtel (Switzerland), P&TS has, since 1998, been advising companies and academic institutions active notably in the field of electronics, micro-technology and telecommunications. From the very beginning, our firm strongly believed that the extremely fast rhythm of development and the technical complexity inherent in this field of activity required a particular technical competence and specific solutions on the legal and organizational levels.It is, however, our conviction that our role is not limited to obtaining and defending intellectual property rights; in each project in which we are involved, we strive to obtain the best possible return on investments. To achieve these aims, we combine a sharp competence in technology, in law and in technology surveys. We are convinced that a wide patent portfolio that is easy to defend against competition and infringement is of vital strategic importance, and we make every effort to assist you in obtaining patents and designs that are as solid as possible.This involves developing and securing a portfolio capable of tightly reinforcing the commercial objectives of the companies we counsel as well as coordinating the intellectual property strategy and the development and marketing policies.P&TS has fully realized the growing importance of economic intelligence and of the new horizons that are opening thanks to the electronic processing of patent information. We thus offer a full range of services as well as advanced assistance for online patent searches, patentability searches and analysis of freedom to use.
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