scip AG was founded in 2002. We are driven by innovation, sustainability, transparency, and enjoyment of our work. We are completely self-funded and are thus in the comfortable position to provide completely independent and neutral services in the multi-faceted area of information security. Our staff consists of highly specialized experts who focus on the topic information security and continuously further their expertise through advanced training.As an independent and impartial company we provide the following services:* Strategic consultation* Security audits* Forensic analysesWe value efficiency and transparency:* Efficiency allows us to fulfill todays economic requirements.* Transparency is the basis for a trusting relationship with our customers and partners.For us, a project has been completed successfully if the customer is statisfied. Therefore we value longterm relationships with our customers. We provide a targeted and efficient approach to your specific project. Contact us. scip AG is your competent and trustworthy information security partner.
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