Circuit Protection, Switzerland

Circuit Protection Switzerland Companies Worldwide
  • Manufacturing and designing circuit protection including fuses, PTC and circuit breakers for automotive, electrical and electronic applications.
  • Manufacture of low voltage fuses, switch-fuse combination, thermal over-load relays and a complete set of switch equipment.
  • Manufacturer of circuit protection devices including fuses, holders, circuit breakers for equipment, connectors, power entry modules, cordsets and switches.
  • Manufacture of faulted circuit indicators, earth fault indicators, voltage detectors and phase comparators.
  • Manufacturer of electrical measure and protection relays.
  • Manufacturers and exporters of thermal and current controls of electrical equipment.
  • Manufacturer of electrical, power and industrial fuses.
  • Manufacturer of carbon backfill and related products for the cathodic protection and electrical grounding industries.
  • Delay line and filter network manufacturers.
  • Manufacturer of circuit breakers, motor protectors and thermal discs.
  • Manufactures replacement circuit breakers and automatic and manual transfer switches and is a distributor of motor controls, remanufactured breakers, GFI receptacles and
  • Industrial protection for measuring voltage, current, phase loss, phase reversal, frequency and other conditions in AC and DC systems up to 690V.
  • Manufacturer of various fuse holders and clips.
  • Manufacturer of high-voltage current-limiting fuses, including backup and full-range types, for protecting electrical distribution equipment.
  • Manufacturer of fuses, micro fuses and resetable fuses.
  • Manufacturer of electrical safety protection devices. Located in Spain.
  • Manufacturing switchgears for industrial, heavy industries and for agricultural pumps.
  • Distributor of circuit protection devices, switches,hydraulic,magnetic circuit breakers, switchgear, traction components and measuring systems.
  • Information site about Arcfault detection systems, the site providing information on the causes and prevention thereof.
  • Manufacturer of gas discharge tubes for surge protection with an online catalog of these protectors.
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