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  • Manufacturer of analog switches, capacitors, diodes, inductors, integrated modules, power ICs, LEDs, power MOSFETs, resistors and thermistors. Includes line card and PDF
  • Manufactures optoelectronic, RF, magnetic and electromechanical parts and systems for communications and broadcasting, computer peripherals and automotive electronics
  • Manufactures diodes, LEDs and LED products, bridge rectifiers, film capacitors, lamps, quartz tubing and quartz fabrication, semiconductor epitaxy and refractory metals.
  • Manufacturer of indicator lights, switches, digital displays and connectors. Online line card and line drawings available for download.
  • Manufacturer and distributor of crystals, crystal oscillators, resonators, electrolytic and tantalum capacitors. Online product search, line card and specifications.
  • Designs and manufactures memory ICs, adapter modules and resistor networks. Includes line card and PDF data sheets available for download.
  • Designs and manufactures patented transient voltage suppression, solid state relay and magnetic components. Online line card, specifications and PDF data sheets
  • Manufacturer of electronic and electromechanical components. Online catalogs available.
  • Technical paper reviewing the development of uniform, fine grain size and high-strength synthesized polycrystalline oxide fibers for applications in fiber reinforced
  • Manufacturer of electrical panel control components, industrial plugs and sockets, AC solenoids, buzzers, and other power and electromechanical components.
  • Designs and manufactures LEDs and LED assemblies, hermetic interconnects, metal foil resistors, and potentiometers. Product photos and specifications.
  • Manufacturer of standard product lines of toroidal inductors, active and passive delay lines and specially designed modules for the communications industry.
  • Manufacturer of capacitors, inductors and choke coils.
  • Manufacturer of components for the audio, instrumentation, computer, medical, appliance and test industries.
  • Manufacture potentiometers, encoder, joystick, trimming, variable resistor, vibration motor, crystal oscillator, switch and pcb assemble.
  • Manufactures metallized ceramic packages for RF/microwave devices, multilayer ceramic and organic material IC packages and offers flip-chip, wire-bond semiconductor and
  • Production and development of integrated circuits, resonators, contact and contactless smart-cards and readers, foundry service.
  • Manufacturer of metallized polyester film capacitors, resistors, inductors, varistors, diodes, transistors, oscillators, resonators, relays, and condensers.
  • Manufactures electric devices ranging from crystal oscillators and LCDs to SRAMs and ASICs.
  • Manufacturer and electronic or electric components. Online component data sheet.
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