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  • Manufacturer of heater power controller, motor soft starter, solid state controller and SSR, power supplies and pulse timer. From Korea.
  • Supplies control systems and components including keypad technologies for the elevator and rail industries and automated banking and retailing machines applications.
  • Designer and manufacturer of PC/104-format single board computers, mobile communication solutions, touch-screen and keyboard controllers, LCD interfaces, motor
  • Custom electronic design and development specializing in microprocessor controls, displays, exercise machine electronics, medical equipment, and consumer electronics.
  • UK based manufacturer of water leak detection systems, power distribution units and control systems.
  • Manufacture of solid state lighting modules and the development of customized touch screen technology solutions for RV and yacht manufacturers.
  • Specialize in RF/microwave electronic products to help those who do not have resources to design and test RF and wireless products.
  • Engineering and manufacturing services for the design and assembly of electronic controls in the appliance, automotive, electronic chargers and controllers industries.
  • Manufacturers of all types of control panels, consulting engineers and contractors.
  • Tapchanger and switchgear spares for equipment dating back to pre 1950's. Fixed and moving contacts, insulation, gaskets and advanced life extension products.
  • Designs and manufactures ocean submersible solenoids, pressure switches, actuators and custom devices for deep water, oceanic, offshore, oil drilling, aerospace,
  • Manufactures and distributes sensors, measurement instruments, vision systems, PLCs, safety light curtains, other equipment.
  • Manufactures wireless RF transmitter and receiver systems for remote control of irrigation and industrial equipment.
  • Manufacturer of rolling door, security, remote control system, electric lock, infrared sensor, rolling door UPS, microcomputer car alarm system, wireless central lock
  • Leading manufacturer of valves and fluid handling components for HVAC and industrial applications. Based in Denmark.
  • Manufacturer of hardware and software solutions for connecting real-world devices with computer networks for enterprise management, remote monitoring and control,
  • Designs and manufactures industrial controls for entry terminals and lighting, and undertakes custom control production and cable assembly. Profile, products, and
  • Manufactures remote robotic vehicle control systems for unmanned ground vehicles. Contains company information, description of products, and jobs.
  • North Yorkshire, UK company that builds, installs, and services industrial control and automation, robotics, electrical panel building, PLCs, and motor controls.
  • UK firm for the design and installation of energy management and environment control in buildings and industrial process control machines.
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