Electromechanical, Switzerland

Electromechanical Switzerland Companies Worldwide
  • Supplier of precision engineered electronic and electro-mechanical components and assemblies. Specialists in hard to find components.
  • Manufacturer of DIP switches, terminal blocks and sockets, solid state, electromechanical and photo mos relays, and zif sockets and modular plugs.
  • Powercords, cordsets, electronic components, thermal interface materials, touch screens, and membrane switches.
  • Manufacturer of connectors, snap-action switches, contactors, control devices and power supply equipment for traffic technology and industrial applications.
  • Manufacturer of switches and pilot devices, industrial relays, contactors, terminal blocks, circuit breakers, sockets, timers, PLCs, power supplies, and sensors. Product
  • Manufacturers of switches, electrical hardware, T.V. connectors, and panel lights. From India.
  • Manufacturer of discrete switch contacts and assemblies.
  • Provides electrical contact materials, cold-headed parts, stampings and injection/insert molded parts to manufacturers of welded contact assemblies, contact rivets,
  • Manufacturer of a wide range of electromechanical components such as solenoids, switches, connectors and cable assemblies, protection circuits, alarms and buzzers, and
  • Manufacturer of industrial connectors, solenoids, fibre optical data communication and cigarette vending machines.
  • Manufacturer of plugs and sockets and cable reels for domestic, and industrial use, lamp holders and switches, enclosures, distribution assemblies, and adapters and
  • Produces a range of flexible connections, conductor rails, insulators, current collectors, carbon plate shoes, contacts and electric switch accessories.
  • Manufacturer of mechanical switches, membrane switches, connectors, terminals, sensors and actuators.
  • Manufacturer of high voltage electromechanical and reed relays, high current and voltage switches, vacuum contactors and circuit breakers, and, measurement and isolation
  • Manufacturer of reed relays and switching systems. Includes description of services and contact details.
  • Manufactures glass-to-metal hermetically sealed electronic packages and connectors.
  • Manufacturer a range of relays and rocker, push button, toggle, automobile and emergency switches. Based in China.
  • Manufacturer of CE certified pilot lamps, push button switches, selector switches, Cam Switches, and terminal blocks. Based in Taiwan.
  • Manufacturer of cable glands and lugs, switch gears, mains switches and sockets, lamp holders, and distribution boxes. Based in India.
  • Designs, engineers, and manufactures solenoids, valves, LVDT's, and flame arrestors. Includes product technical information and applications.
  • electrical cross talk in microstructures. The electronics allows to use the same transducers as actuators and...Micro-Electromechanical