Test and Measurement, Switzerland

Test and Measurement Switzerland Companies Worldwide
  • Manufacturer of test instrument; digital ohmmeters and thermometers, resistance and capacitance decades and bridges, thermocouple and PRT switches.
  • Manufacturer of electronic test instruments and meters.
  • Manufactures analogue and digital multimeters and various testing instruments.
  • Manufacture general purpose test and measurement equipment.
  • Digital and analog panel meters, counters, encoders, PID temperature controllers, sound level instruments, and hand-held test equipment.
  • Manufacture of digital multitester, thermometer, sound level meter, panel meter, shunt, current transformer, VU meter, pocket multimeter.
  • Manufacturer of electronic test and measurement tools, network troubleshooting equipment, cable testers, digital multimeters, electrical testers, process calibrators and
  • Manufacturer of multimeter, digital oscilloscope, digital logic analyzer and test clip kit.
  • Technical paper about the adaptation of an optical microscope for three-dimensional inspection of small capillaries in spinnerets by placing a diffraction grating
  • Manufacturer of pocket multimeter, clamp meters, insulation, battery tester, educational meter, tester, lamp sockets, digital meters.
  • Manufacturers of linear d.c. power supplies, 20 Mhz oscilloscope, digital multimeters, sound level meter, digital thermometers, temperature and humidity meter.
  • Manufacturer of accessories for test and measurement.
  • DMM, digital clamp-On meters, infrared thermometers and other handheld test and measurement equipment.
  • Manufacturer of a wide range of test and measurement equipment, multimeters, and oscilloscopes.
  • Insulated test accessories, clips and insulators, test leads, insulated BNCs for the electronics, telecom, electrical, and automotive industries.
  • Manufacturer of RF power measurement, loads and other related equipment for the broadcast, semiconductor and wireless industries.
  • Manufacturer of test and measurement equipment and monitoring instruments with the emphasis on mobile radio, signal generation, spectrum and signal analysis.
  • Manufactures multimeters, clamp-on meters, megohmmeters, thermometers, vibrometers, tachometers, LUX meters, function generators, oscilloscopes, frequency counters and
  • Manufacturer of laboratory bench power supplies and bus programmable power supplies.
  • Manufacturer of analog and digital panel meters as well as battery testers, multimeters, digital 1/8 din meters, and transducers.
  • European Training Network on High Resolution Electrical Characterization of ULSI and Advanced Semiconductor...- and two-dimensional SCM measurements.
  • electrical cross talk in microstructures. The electronics allows to use the same transducers as actuators and...optical microscope
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