Transformers and Inductors, Switzerland

Transformers and Inductors Switzerland Companies Worldwide
  • Manufacturer of industrial coils and high voltage transformers.
  • Manufacturer of transformers and inductors.
  • Manufacturer of surface mount wire wound EMC components, multilayer chip beads and inductors, SMD power inductors, line filter, choke coils, and SMT radial type coil.
  • Manufacture quality toroid products.
  • Designer and manufacturer of toroidal transformers, chokes, and inductors, and other toroidal magnetic components.
  • Manufacturer of choke coils, EMI filters, inductors, power supplies, and transformers.
  • Manufacturer of wound components including transformers, inductors and general coils, also offering surface mount PCB assembly service.
  • Manufacturer of soft magnetic cores.
  • Vendor of degaussing coils, filters, transformers, chokes, coils, delay lines.
  • Manufacturer of filters and transformer modules for networking and data communications applications.
  • Manufacturers of transformers and inductors for all applications.
  • Maker of a line of power and telephony transformers, inductors, and CRT display magnetics.
  • Manufacture electronic components for the CATV and telecommunications industry including transformers, chokes, wound magnetics, air coils, inductive, and magnetic
  • Manufacturer of ferrite beads, ferrite inductors, ceramic inductors, and high-reliability fuses.
  • Manufacturer of inductors, chokes, coils, transformers, ferrites and magnetics, capacitors and EMI suppression modules.
  • Supplier of components to the power electronics industry. Specialities are wound, inductive components, EMC filters and transformers.
  • Manufacturer of inductors and transformers for power supply and data communications applications.
  • Specialized manufacturer of magnetic electronic components, including inductors, filters and transformers.
  • Manufacturer of surface mount transformers, inductors, pot core and common mode chokes, and coils.
  • Manufactures custom military and commercial magnetics. Manufactures and markets the Vernistat product line.
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