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  • Topics Fossil fuels The fossil fuels in use today (oil, gas, coal, oil sand and oil shale) are...Swiss Federal Office of
  • business sectors: Automotive Energy (Oil and Gas, Renewables, and Power Generation) Financial Services FMCG...Culture Team Development Our
  • the water and energy-supply markets and in the oil-measuring and industrial engineering sectors on a...internet from all M-Bus-capable water, heat,
  • Key Process Applications Embedded Technologies Benefits Vertical Market Solutions Oil & Gas Energy and
  • Design Tunneling and Geotechnics Site Logistics Maintenance Consulting and Expertise Projects Energy...+ Technology Energy Consulting Indoor Climate
  • Mitigation Potential by Increasing Use of Natural Gas and Renewable Energies and by Enhanced Energy...October 2006 Benchmarking of
  • Deutschland, Frankfurt/Main 18.06. - 22.06.12 NEFTEGAS (Oil & Gas) Russia, Moscow 25.06. - 29..., Saarbrcken 8.08. - 8.08.12 ONS 2012 Oil and
  • industry segments. Other than for organic raw materials - which are based on crude-oil, natural gas and...) Energy production Textiles
  • supplements MSU to lead new global food security effort Global Solar Energy Brings Powerful Building...Integrated Solar to Japans Growing Renewable
  • energy consumption 2001 FSC certified Sustained use of wood 1999 Waste management Preventing, separation...operation Reduction of NOx emissions 1996 Replacement
  • Materials for Energy Materials for Communication Materials for Construction English Deutsch Research Next...spectroscopy, reaction engineering, supercritical
  • ., Fritsche L., Balabin R., Nieckarz R. & Zenobi R., Gas-phase basicity of several common MALDI matrices...., Absorption of the green fluorescent protein