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  • Offers product information, lowfat yogurt recipes, kids online games and nutrition statistics.
  • Provides cheese, yogurt making supplies, and equipment as well as meat and dairy bacteria cultures to the food processing industry.
  • Specializes in making ice cream, ice milk, ice, water ice and sherbet. Site in English and French.
  • Ontario dairy co-operative. Features information about a variety of consumer and food service dairy products, recipes, news and contests.
  • Dairy ingredients for the food industry.
  • Nutriceutical whey protein and whey powders.
  • Offer a wide range of dairy products including: processed cheese, white cheese, swiss hard and semi-hard cheeses, and soft cheese. Company profile, products,
  • Manufactures milk, cream, butter, cheese, spring water, ice cream and other dairy products for Canadian and export markets. Company profile, product and contact
  • Milk producers and distributors including dairy products; milk, juices, cottage cheese, sour cream and yogurt.
  • Producer of milkfat, technological butters, and milkcream, for food industries, craftsmen bakers, and consumers.
  • National retailer of premium hand-dipped ice cream, non-fat yogurt, juice smoothies and light menu items. Offers store locations and franchise opportunities.
  • New England working dairy farm with an on site bakery.
  • Manufacturer of flavoring materials for ice cream, milk, yogurt, egg nog, beverages and bakery items.
  • Independent dairy in the western United States providing fresh products. Product information, recipes, and company history.
  • A manufacturer and distributor of a full line of dairy products for foodservice and retail. Site offers company history, employment opportunities, news and events,
  • General information about the Danone Group: history, activities and products.
  • Arizona-based. Produces and distributes a full line of dairy products. Coupons, recipes, full descriptions of products, partial list of retailers, sponsored contests,
  • Produces a wide range of dairy ingredients such as whey protein, hydrolysates, peptides, caseinates, lactose and calcium. Company profile, products and their
  • French company which offers a large range of cheese and dairy products in Europe, Americas and Asia. Company profile, cheese consumption by country, cheese quiz, and
  • Produces sodium casein and high protein casein for industrial purposes from the milk of naturally herded yaks on uncontaminated grasslands southeast of QingHai-Tibetan
  • foams and emulsions has been part of everyday life since the advent of bread and dairy products in...ancient Egypt. Nowadays, foams and emulsions are