Prepared, Switzerland

Prepared Switzerland Companies Worldwide
  • Manufacturers of ravioli, tortellini, gnocchi, sauces, desserts and innovative filled pasta shapes.
  • Specializing in corn and flour tortillas, chorizo and tamales for food-service, retail and industrial companies.
  • Manufactures and sells fresh refrigerated gourmet soups to consumers and food service operators.
  • Manufacturer of fresh all natural, soups, chilis, gravies, entrees, puddings and sauces.
  • Specialty made frozen foods, cold salads, tortillas, salsas, and smoked meats. Complete list of available foods with information about retail sale and purchasing.
  • Manufactures retail and foodservice size shelf stable food products. Products include fruits, vegetables, entrees and desserts, packaged in cans, rigid low profile
  • Includes financial and other company information, recipes, fun, and an on-line shop for gifts and collectibles.
  • Manufacturers of authentic Greek food products, such as: gyros, souvlaki, pita breads and spanakopita.
  • Offers Kosher food to hotels, freezer centres, hospitals, cruiseliners and trains.
  • Gourmet east Indian Food including samosas, roti, tamarind chutney and Samosa wrappers.
  • Company history and product information, recipes, virtual greeting cards and Jewish holiday calendar.
  • Food processor of fresh delicatessen salads and desserts and processor of refrigerated pizzas.
  • Consumer site includes recipes using tortillas, wraps, chips and other Mexican products.
  • Manufacturer of New Mexican and Mexican food products including salsa, chile sauce, tortillas, tamales and enchiladas. Company profile, product information, online
  • Manufacturers of Mexican food including pickled pork products, chili brick, and canned menudo. Company profile, product details, and contact information.
  • Manufacturers of a wide range of shelf-stable prepared entrees. Company profile, product and manufacturing details, and investor information.
  • Producers of precooked and dry pastas, and pesto and meat sauces. Company profile and history, product details, recipes, and contact information.
  • Producers of appetizers, entrees and side dishes for retail, foodservice and private label. Company profile, product and quality assurance information, and contact
  • Produces oriental and specialty prepared foods for the food service and retail markets. Company profile, product details, and contact links.
  • Offers topioca balls and other starch based items. Company profile, and product and contact details.
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