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  • Human resource, management training, specializing in team building.
  • Specializes in training for public service agencies; law enforcement, schools, medical facilities, government agencies.
  • Manufactures and sells a selection of learning tools for all types of organizations.
  • A North American and international provider of materials, workshops and consulting for organizational career development. On line ordering and downloads available.
  • Corporate training with game-based learning approach. Serious training in a game environment.
  • Offering public and in-house workshops for trainers in the presentation, design and management of training.
  • Supports development needs with soft skills training, coaching, team-building strategies, seminars, workshops, and train-the-trainer solutions. Based in California, USA.
  • Training seminars for management and staff to improve communication and cooperation in the workplace and to motivate employees.
  • Design and deliver customized communication courses to help employees achieve their performance goals.
  • Providers of corporate team building and adventure training in the United States and Canada.
  • Offers training programs for business and industry on management and employee training and organizational development. Includes free previews.
  • International educator in sexual harassment and investigator's training. Expert witness and producer of award winning training videos.
  • This is a values based company providing training on stress management, communication skills, team building, personal growth skills, keynote speakers, conferences and
  • Training, coaching and consulting in management, sales and client relations.
  • Publisher of management and leadership development training material and seminars.
  • Provides organization and leadership development through direct employee training or train-the-trainer.
  • A company providing advanced, web-based performance support and training products that improve the performance of an individual, group and company.
  • Training, consulting and e-learning company that aims to improve workforce performance through organizational learning and project management services.
  • Training and development programs in improvisation, team building, flexible thinking, presentation skills, and humour in the workplace.
  • Web based access to customer service training.
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