Coatings and Thin Films, Switzerland

Coatings and Thin Films Switzerland Companies Worldwide
  • Experience in the design, development and fabrication of thin film materials and sophisticated multilayer optical filters and devices.
  • Manufacturer of optical filters and coatings. Stocking of laser and laser diode filters. Hard oxide sputtered and ion-beam assisted optical filters.
  • Supplies optical filters for laser mirror, fiber optics and many of the latest thin film applications.
  • Gaertner manufactures precision optical measuring instruments covering a wide range of scientific and industrial applications.
  • Consulting, sampling and prototyping, thin films, products and processes.
  • Provides software, training courses and consulting services for the optical thin-film industry.
  • Supplier of thin film optical coatings, reflective and anti reflective. 24 to 48 hour turn around for selective coatings.
  • Manufacturer of thin film optical coatings and safety tempered coated glass.
  • Provides thin-film optical coatings. Specializes in large-volumes. Japan.
  • Moisture barrier coatings for fiber optics, high emissivity optical coatings for thermography and porous coatings for electrolytic capacitors
  • Consultant on vacuum system design and process development. UK.
  • Provider of single and multi-layer optical coatings. California.
  • Provider of thin-film optical coatings. Massachusetts.
  • Provider of thin-film optical coatings and coating consulting services. Massachusetts.
  • Provider of thin-film optical coatings. Pennsylvania
  • Vacuum thin-film and dip coating services for optics. Specializes in anti-reflective wide and narrow band for plastics. Ohio.
  • Provider of thin-film optical coatings. France.
  • Provider of polymer based wet antireflective, antiabrasion, and conductive optical coatings. Ohio.
  • Offers consulting and sales representation for thin-film optical coatings. Scotland.
  • Offers magnetron sputtering cathodes for thin film deposition. Also offers target materials, backing plates, and bonding services. Pennsylvania.