Infrared Optics, Switzerland

Infrared Optics Switzerland Companies Worldwide
  • Infrared thermography cameras.
  • Infrared coagulators.
  • Design, manufacture and marketing of thermal imaging and stabilized camera systems. Features company details, applications, and list of international sales offices.
  • Infrared thermograph service to industry and commerce.
  • Designs and manufactures custom infrared optics, optical systems and assemblies.
  • Offers polarizers and lenses for far-infrared, terahertz and sub-millimeter waves.
  • Thermal infrared imaging.
  • Design and manufacturing of linescan and focal plane array (FPA) near-infrared (NIR) and thermal imaging sensors for integration in spectroscopy and camera systems.
  • Industrial CO2 laser optics OEM supplier.
  • Manufacturer of CO2 laser optics and beam delivery systems for industrial and scientific applications.
  • Handheld, mobile, fixed and remote infrared cameras for security, surveillance, and preventative maintenance and wildland fire.
  • Infra-red components.
  • Applications and equipment for infrared technology.