Market Research, Switzerland

Market Research Switzerland Companies Worldwide
  • Local/National Market Research, Sociodynamics, and Qualitative Software.
  • A marketing research company which specializes in the organization of focus groups on a nationwide basis.
  • Applies survey research methods to the study of advertising effectiveness.
  • Advertising and television marketing research company.
  • A marketing research consulting firm specializing in surveys and focus groups. We measure market and consumer attributes to guide business decision-making.
  • Market Research on the Semiconductor Industry and Electronics
  • Offering escort services in Australia. Includes description of services and company information.
  • MRCGroup provides state-of-the-art data collection to the research industry-- focus group facility and a modern CATI telephone interviewing center.
  • innovative product marketing, product strategy and sales consulting
  • Provides infomercial rankings, information, reviews, and media reports.
  • Offers a source for subscription, mailing list, print specifications, and advertising information for magazines, newsletters, catalogs, and other periodicals.
  • Global resource for measuring and managing stakeholder relationships, especially customer satisfaction, 'lost' customer, employee commitment, corporate reputation, and
  • Market research services (qualitative and quantitative) to over 1,500 companies worldwide. Located in Louisville, Kentucky, the firm has undertaken thousands of studies
  • Conducting fieldwork for market researchers using computer aided techniques, postal surveys, internetsurveys in Scandinavia. ISO 9002 certified.
  • Customised quantitative and qualitative analysis of client's target groups in Germany and Europe.
  • Telecommunications market research and strategic analysis reports and custom research services to major industry players. Excerpts from past work on broadband
  • Marketing research company headquartered in Cleveland. Services include focus groups, phone interviews, surveys, data analysis.
  • Tactics and strategies to grow a business and accomplish marketing objectives.
  • A Canadian market intelligence and public opinion research company, dedicated to providing clients with high quality research and strategic direction.
  • Source of information about public opinion in the Balkan countries.