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  • material quality ( poster , abstract ) Feb 18, 2009 Dr. Ulf Bossel European Fuel Cell Forum, Switzerland...Colloquia News & Events Graduate Symposia
  • Materials Environment - Neopor - REDUCE, REUSE, RECYCLE Expandable polystyrene is composed of 98 % air and...(Hydrochlorofluorocarbons). Its light weight helps
  • Fossil fuels Hydropower Dams Renewable energy Energy efficiency SwissEnergy Nuclear energy Energy...Topics Fossil fuels The fossil fuels in
  • emissions 1985 Sawdust combustion Combustion production materials and reduction in use of fossil fuels by 20...operation Reduction of NOx emissions
  • combination of less raw materials (lead) needed and reduced vehicle weight from a lighter battery produces...emissions yearly. Expressed in terms of
  • Diamond OptiPulse FullPulse FuelPulse PowerPulse PulseMax OntoRob ProBeat OntoFS Power Set Design Max...Impact Motion-Design Motion Design Individual Motion
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  • inventory of Switzerland All Projects Waste and Energy Efficiency Waste is raw materials in the wrong place..., composting, use of waste as fuel in
  • fuel injection settings make it even smoother and easier to use, particularly at smaller throttle...position, coolant temperature, speedometer, clock/lap time,
  • Material werden spezielle Allrad-Fahrzeuge im Auftrag des DEZA (Humanitre Hilfe) transportiert. Nothilfe fr...PW: VW Touran 1.4 EcoFuel mit erdgas.
  • volume. The experiments revealed a considerable range of annual fuel consumption to cover an identical...samples with varying material and geometrical
  • Fuel Cell Forum 2009 in Luzern Das European Fuel Cell Forum 2009 findet vom 29. Juni bis 2. Juli 2009...(Solarzellen und -module); Steigerung des
  • Economics (CEPE), Zrich, June. Farsi M., Filippini M., Pachauri S. (2005). Fuel Choices In Urban Indian...Economics (CEPE), Zurich, April. Jochem E., (2005). An
  • , Thermodynamics, and Layer Structure. Energy Fuels 25 , (2011), 189-196. doi:10.1021/ef100779a Heinemann M...-010-3945-8 Zhu L., Gamez G ., Schimitz T. A.,
  • Kriege Simulation von Konflikten und Kriegen Santin, Jean-Jacques The World's Most Fuel Efficient Vehicle...mechanischen Verhalten granularer Gemische am
  • . & Scholz, R. W. (2011). Psychological determinants of fuel consumption of purchased new cars...), 30-60. Gottschalk, F., Scholz, R. W. & Nowack, B. (2010).