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  • Makes Probe 3D and SmartFocus Software: used by major manufacturers in Atomic Force and Confocal Microscopy systems, and in semi-conductor wafer profiling equipment.
  • Produces carbon nanotubes using the CVD growth process. The process produces arrays of aligned carbon nanotubes on substrates.
  • Uses patent-protected site-selective chemical vapor deposition technology to develop solutions for the field of electronics.
  • NanoPositioning and nanosensor solutions for OEM development and automation applications.
  • Nanotechnology research and development company. Creates technology for atomically precise manufacturing.
  • NanoPositioning, MicroPositioning and Piezo Technology. Leading edge PZT nanopositioning products, piezo-electric flexure systems, sub-nanometer resolution capacitive
  • Engineers and produces nanocrystalline materials (ceramic and metallic materials in powder form) using several techniques including Physical Vapor Synthesis and Discrete
  • Manufacturer of nanopositioning systems with sub-nanometer precision.
  • NanoGram develop and commercialize new nanoscale materials for optical, electronic and energy storage applications and products : nanomaterials synthesis, laser process,
  • Manufacturer and supplier of specialized nano materials and ceramics. Composites, Catalysts, Bio-medical, Microelectronic and Aerospace applications.
  • Develops a portfolio of nanoscale metal inks for printable electronics applications.
  • A nanomaterials company set up by a team from Oxford University to develop nanocrystalline materials for commercial use, such as nanoparticle phosphors for flat screen
  • Research, development and commercialization of single-walled carbon nanotubes, its chemistry and application to carbon based nanotechnology
  • Producer of nanoscale metal oxides, granules and suspensions.
  • USA. Research, development and manufacture of nanotechnology based textile fabric treatments for stain release, moisture wicking and anti-static finishing for apparel
  • Develops nanotechnology based sensors and hydrogen storage systems.
  • Developer of ultra-miniaturized nanoarray technologies. Molecular analysis systems are capable of providing nanometer scale, single molecule resolution. Applications in
  • Manufacturer and supplier of nanoscale metal oxides, nitrides, carbides, diamond, carbon nanotubes for research and industry.
  • Nanomachining solutions for ultra microfinishing and advanced photomask repair systems.
  • Custom processor and global distributor of metal, ceramic, and composite nanostructures down to 5 nm.
  • ETH - Zurich > Nesper group > research > nanomaterials N esper group > research > topics...materials Precursor derived ceramics > Theory >
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  • of nanostructured materials in electronic devices at each point in the energy life-cycle - of nanostructured materials and
  • substances. For automatic or continuous addition of solids, powders, crystalline substances, nano-materials...with hazardous material - GLP.
  • Nanomaterials by Probabilistic Material Flow Analysis. Environmental Toxicology and Chemistry, 29 (5), 1036...). Engineered nanomaterials in
  • availability of research materials of different countries, while providing a good opportunity for the efficient...nanomaterials and nanotechnology will