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  • Annual convention for two-way radio manufacturers. Held in Las Vegas, Nevada. Includes exhibitor list and registration information.
  • Provides mobile global communications equipment, satellite phones, worldwide paging, security monitoring, medical alarms, GRS radio, call centre and dispatch.
  • On the jobsite in San Rafael or in the Sonoma workplace, professional 2-way radios provide instant communication with individuals or multiple groups. They operate on
  • Mobile voice and data communications for airlines, airports and ground operation companies in mission critical environments.
  • A directory of two way radio, mobile data, and other wireless communications resources.
  • Provides reference information including news, local frequencies, and a wiki.
  • include video-based, web-based and mixed media (video and web) delivery. Cable television, two-way...Internet, telecommunications, wireless
  • Radio and Telecommunications Engineers, Inc. American National Standards Institute
  • Eden Paradiso
  • Shabani, Roman Lim and Jan Beutel: Poster: Internet to Two-Way Radio Repeater for PermaSense Field
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